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Loaded Words

Loaded Words

Ru and Jenni

Before our two youngest children came home, I never gave much thought to things I would hear people say…words, phrases, and looks can take on a whole new meaning. 

What do I mean by this?  The best example I can give is when I overheard my husband helping our daughter get dressed for church. I had done Ru’s hair, laid out a cute sundress, and handed the rest of the Sunday morning routine over to my husband. 

I heard Stephen say to our daughter “you are as beautiful as your mother.”  I’m not sure if my husband knew I was within ear-shot.  He didn’t say it for me to hear.  He was having a moment with his little girl. 

However, as I was walking by and heard this, I immediately saw Rumana’s birthmother. I saw her lovely face. I saw her beautiful smile, and said a word of gratitude for that brave woman that gave birth to Ru. 

A little comment such as that became loaded words filled with joy, sadness, and longing.  I long to see Rumana’s birth mother again. I want her to see the beauty Ru has in her.  I want to share the joy of this little girl with a woman who has captured my heart…

We celebrated Rumana’s third birthday this week.  As we sang Happy Birthday to Rumana, that happy song becomes loaded words again…

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