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Hale Family

I was very interested in adoption from a young age. I grew up with two cousins that were adopted and my mom had a baby as a teenager that was…

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Talking to Your Kids About Adopting

As I write this, we are awaiting our 6th child.  Stephen and I have five kids in our home.  Sheridan (16), Luke (14), Isaac (11), Ru (8), and Harvest (5). …

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Can We Talk About Marriage

Can we talk about marriage? A perspective from Stephen and Jenni. (Stephen reviewed and approved!).  Marriage Can Be Hard Marriage is a blessing.  Marriage is beautiful. But, let’s be honest,…

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Adoption is a Verb

Adoption had been in my head since I watched my niece come into our family 15 years ago!  We had two wonderful children already but I knew we had more…

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The Meaning of Scion Tree

Long before the car company, “scion” has had two primary traditional definitions:  Scion – adjective – used to describe a lineal descendant, son or daughter, of a notable family; and …

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When You Can’t Afford Adoption

After my husband and I finally said yes to the call to adoption, the first thing I did was look into the cost.  I immediately said, “We can’t do this!” …

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