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Whether you are being led to take first steps in the areas of adoption, or are already adoptive parents, Scion Tree Foundation can offer several adoption support services to you.  Let us know below how you'd like to get involved and tell us a little about what's on your heart.  We are excited to connect with you and we'll be in touch soon.

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Hale Family

I was very interested in adoption from a young age. I grew up with two cousins that were adopted and my mom had a baby as a teenager that was placed for adoption. It was something we talked about and it was never a family secret. When my husband and I started dating I brought…

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Talking to Your Kids About Adopting

As I write this, we are awaiting our 6th child.  Stephen and I have five kids in our home.  Sheridan (16), Luke (14), Isaac (11), Ru (8), and Harvest (5).  Talking to our kids about adoption has been different with each stage of development for our kids.  The First Conversations Our parenting style is one…

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Can We Talk About Marriage

Can we talk about marriage? A perspective from Stephen and Jenni. (Stephen reviewed and approved!).  Marriage Can Be Hard Marriage is a blessing.  Marriage is beautiful. But, let’s be honest, marriage can be hard.  Stephen and I were married when he was 24 and I was 23.  We were young and dumb. We knew we…

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Adoption is a Verb

Adoption had been in my head since I watched my niece come into our family 15 years ago!  We had two wonderful children already but I knew we had more love in our hearts to give.  Ten years later, after praying for God’s plan (and mine too…) we began the adoption process in Ethiopia.  God…

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The Meaning of Scion Tree

Long before the car company, “scion” has had two primary traditional definitions:  Scion – adjective – used to describe a lineal descendant, son or daughter, of a notable family; and  Scion – verb or adjective – v. the grafting in of a young shoot containing buds into a strong, living tree; adj. used to describe…

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When You Can’t Afford Adoption

After my husband and I finally said yes to the call to adoption, the first thing I did was look into the cost.  I immediately said, “We can’t do this!”  The Cost of Adoption Adoption can range between $20,000-$40,000 per child, depending on whether you decide to adopt domestic or international, travel costs, and numerous…

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Loaded Words

Before our two youngest children came home, I never gave much thought to things I would hear people say…words, phrases, and looks can take on a whole new meaning.  What do I mean by this?  The best example I can give is when I overheard my husband helping our daughter get dressed for church. I…

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Our Adoption Experience Was Led By God

The path leading to the adoption of our daughters wasn’t a mistake, or a “Plan B” or even a lucky coincidence.  It was all God-ordained and God led.  That doesn’t mean that there weren’t hills and valleys along the way (primarily due to our own stubbornness), but when we finally got out of God’s way and…

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When All My Ducks Are In a Row

Our three year old daughter, Ru, is all about her new little rubber duckies she got for Easter.  Ru has been carrying her new little friends around with her pretty much everywhere she goes.  I must admit, I think it is quite humorous to find a stranded duck lying around in an unexpected place. Learning…

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Two Trips

As I was lying on our family room couch, contemplating what the illness could be that my husband and I were suffering from (having just returned home from Africa) a quote my friend recently shared kept resurfacing in my mind. “My friends, adoption is redemption.  It’s costly, exhausting, expensive, and outrageous.  Buying back lives costs…

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